The Five Stages of No More Naptimes

Hey. You. You reading this while your child naps. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you know that is coming to an end. You're chuckling to yourself, yeah, sure, of course you know that. But do you really KNOW that? Are you ready for it? Because once it hits it can be difficult to handle. Life as you know it will be changed forever, acquaint yourself with the Five Stages of No More Naptimes. 1. Denial So day one and no nap. Do I give up there? HELL NO! Maybe if I keep putting him down, day, after day, after day. It's just a phase. He will nap again. He's so tired and cranky he MUST want to nap! Maybe if I take him to the park for an extra outing, tire him out. No naps still. Hmm...


3. Bargaining You want that cookie after lunch? How about you just go lay down in your bed. Just try it. I'll give you a coooooooookie! You can bring ALL of your stuffed animals into bed with you. Even that giant one.

4. Depression I'm never going to get to read a book again.

5. Acceptance Alright fine. This isn't so bad. And maybe this will make him sleep better at night, right? RIGHT?!?!