I Have Kids and my Power is Out, HELP!

I truly hope none of you have to endure power outages, but in the face of this dangerous storm it's looking like it might be a possibility. Before the storm hits (and while we all still have power) here are a few quick links for some ideas on what to do when the power is out besides having some wine by the candlelight (also a really good idea):

  • I am definitely going to try these shadow puppets! Something we've never done before and easy to do using a cereal box, some straws or skewers and some cut out shapes. Get the details here.
  • This is one of my favorite childhood crafts, I absolutely adored making oatmeal box planetariums, get a great how-to right here.
  • Have an indoor camp out! You all know how much I love forts, get my expert tips right here. Bonus points if you have a fireplace and can roast marshmallows too.

  • It's almost Halloween so tell some ghost stories! Pass the flashlight around and take turns telling spooky stories, or, if you're like me and have a little one that is a little on the nervous side when it comes to scary, make it just a fun storytelling time with each family member getting to tell their own favorite story.
  • Want to get messy? Make mini baking soda volcanoes in the sink using cupcake liners! The kids LOVE doing this one, and doing it in the sink minimizes the mess. Nice and easy with a big pay off for kids. Add some red food coloring for more fun.

  • Make a power outage book. Beyond just handing them crayons and paper to draw on, tell the kids that they are going to make a special book just for the power outage. For little kids it can be made into a memory book and for older kids it can be a how-to book, documenting the storm and the experience to be put into a Survival Box...
  • I'm convinced my kids love anything that comes out of a SPECIAL BOX! Oooooh. Whether it is a Road Trip Box, a Let's Survive This Long Wedding Box, or a Power Outage Survival Box, even the most mundane things like a deck of cards can take on a more exciting feel. Put together a few items, cards, board games, along with the "important" stuff like flashlights and candles, and kids will really get into the survival mode games.
  • Introduce your old favorite games. Charades, I-Spy, Twenty Questions, whatever your favorite game growing up was that you've been meaning to show them, filling hours during a blackout is a perfect time to trot out those old tried and true favorites and make them new again for your own kids.

Stay safe out there Mamatogians! The latest news I have heard is that there is a High Wind Warning for our area for tomorrow, and a 90% chance of rain. I hope you all weather the storm safe and sound, and maybe you'll have a little fun with the kids to boot! xoxo