Mamatoga Loves: Project Lift University

Mark your calendars and get your tickets early for Project Lift University on October 11th at Longfellows! This one-of-a-kind event will get you nostalgic about your college days.  The academic-inspired evening will allow event-goers to register for “classes” with talented local professionals, who will act as “professors” by donating their time to teach a class. Attendees who sign up for classes will pay the “registration fee”, but instead of paying the “professor”, all proceeds will benefit Project Lift.  It’s a great way to sign up for a topic that interests you, while also making a difference in the lives of local kids! On the list of classes will be a flying lesson, a polo lesson, lessons in photography and yoga, dancing and guitar lessons and much much more.

Project Lift is a free, after-school prevention program at the Franklin Community Center for kids in grades 1-5. Children are provided with the role models and education needed to help set them on a more positive developmental path. Project Lift is a unique, comprehensive program that places emphasis on positive youth development activities, raising self-esteem and the development of refusal, decision-making, problem solving, and communication skills.

In addition to the time spent at the after-school program, children and their families also have access to Franklin Community Center’s other services including referral and advocacy, free clothing and food, summer camp scholarships, school supplies, holiday assistance and more. Family events and community presenters also take place throughout the year, allowing the children to benefit from social interaction. Volunteers from local high schools and colleges also spend time with the “Lifters,” adding another unique component to the program. The combination of education, social skills, family bonding and a positive environment make Project Lift an effective way to impact a child’s life, while helping them grow into a healthier and more productive member of our community.

Tickets are $75 for the event, which includes beer, wine, music by KID DJ and delicious food by Longfellows. It's going to be a great night for a great cause. Buy tickets today right here and I'll see you at Project Lift University!

To read more about Project Lift and it's positive impact on kids right here in our community, click right here.