J-trim’s At Home Workout. Let’s Lift Some Heavy Things, People! Part II

In segment two of this series I posted Workout A. Today I am going to give you Workout B. You can perform these workouts 2 -3 times a week, on nonconsecutive days. If you use these workouts three times a week, you will perform workouts A twice and B once, then the following week you would perform B twice and A once. So the order for week one would be A, B, A. The order for week two would be B, A, B, and so on. If you perform these workouts only twice a week you can use this program for 6 weeks. If you perform these workouts three times a week, it will only take you four weeks to complete.

Week 1 should be your “get acquainted” week. Depending on where you are at, you may need to perform some of these exercises with lighter weight or just body weight. Form is always important but I cannot stress enough, the importance of pushing yourself to lift heavier than you think you can. Since I suspect that the majority of people reading this are women, and since I have trained a LOT of women, I know your tendencies. Women tend to hold back when it comes to pushing with heavier weights.

Week 1, it is okay to have “a couple reps left in the tank” but each week you should be pushing for a new personal best for at least one or two exercises in each workout.

Logging your workouts, including the day, all exercises, how much weight you lifted, and how many reps you completed for each set, helps to give you a measurable view of where you are at and where you are headed next. Don’t just leave it to memory. Seeing your current accomplishments on paper is one more way to stay focused and motivated. It also keeps you serious about your program. Make any notes that may be helpful as well. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and don’t be afraid to make some noise or funny faces either.

I once had a male trainer tell me to “not make faces” while working hard. Umm, excuse me??? I LOVE when I see my female clients use what I refer to as their “grr” face. That is when I know they are finally digging in and really challenging themselves!

So here we go. This is Workout B.

To start out, you need to perform a warm up. You can use the warm up I gave you in another Mamatoga blog post, “J-trim’s Quick and Challenging Strength Workout”. Click on the link to watch my warm up exercise and how –to videos.

Note: Some of these exercises are performed outdoors in the videos. You can just as easily perform all of these indoors. Use a stair, chair, stool, coffee table, whatever you have available. Remember, always use a “can do” attitude. Ask yourself “What CAN I do?” No negative talk!

Now here are the exercises.

Week 2, Workout B

REST 75 seconds between all exercises. I recommend you use a stopwatch.

Set 1

1a. Plank hold with alternating arm lifts – 12 lifts (6, each arm)

1b. Single arm chest press (on partial bench) – 12 presses, (6 each arm)

Repeat 1a. and 1b. for a second set for the same number of reps and in the same order.

Set 2

2a. One arm, one leg dumbbell row – 12 rows (6 each arm)

2b. Bulgarian split squat – 12 reps (6 each leg)

(Once you can do these without weight, add dumbbells to your hands, arms at your sides. Front thigh goes parallel to the ground. To modify further, use a lower step or bench for your back foot)

Repeat 2a. and 2b. for a second set for the same number of reps and in the same order.

Set 3

3a. Dumbbell curl to press with split stance – 12 reps (6 each leg, switch legs halfway through each set)

3b. Dumbbell pullover extension – 12 reps

Repeat 3a. and 3b. for a second set for the same number of reps and in the same order.

Remember, log your workouts and keep track of your progress. If you are still lifting the same amount of weight on week 4 or 5 as you were lifting week 1, you are probably not pushing yourself the way you should be.

If you have any questions, get in touch with me at info@realfitlife.com.

Now get out there!

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