Mamatoga Fit Tip with Jeannine Trimboli: What the Heck is a Foam Roller? Let’s Learn the Exercises: Part I

Last week we talked about the benefits of foam rolling and why it can be a beneficial part of anyone’s workout program. This week we are going to learn how to perform some of the actual exercises. Keep in mind that the movements look simple enough but you may experience a slightly awkward phase when first trying to perform these movement patterns. As with any new skill, have some patience when starting out. A sense of humor can help too. Know that some of these movements may feel downright painful when you first try them. I know the two that were the most uncomfortable for me, in the beginning, were the IT Band Roll and the Back.

What feels the least pleasant is more than likely the place where you need to administer the most attention.  The good news is that if you foam roll on a regular basis, these areas will start to open up and feel less uncomfortable and that is a good sign that you are giving yourself some well needed TLC.

This week we focus on three areas of the body, the IT band, the back, and the glutes. Over the next couple weeks we will cover every possible muscle group from head to toe, so bookmark this page.

Just click on the highlighted links above the photos to view my how-to videos!

IT Band Foam Roll

Glute Roll

Back Roll

Next week we will learn three more foam rolling exercises for the hamstrings, quadriceps, and calf muscles. See you then!

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