The Polar Express: Review by Finn (6) and Leven (4)

The kids got a chance to take a preview ride on the Polar Express last night (BIG thanks to Ed Lewi & Associates for the incredibly sweet gesture of offering the whole family tickets). The kids were absolutely thrilled, and all of last night and breakfast chatter this morning was dedicated to their experience aboard the train. I decided that rather than write my own review I would let the kids do the review this time, their excitement is really contagious, and they've already asked if we can go "every night until Christmas". Finn: The Polar Express is a train that takes you to the North Pole. The train is very big, you get on and they give you a big golden ticket. Inside the train it's all decorated, all hanging up bells and ribbons, hanging up snowflakes swinging around. Tinsels was all around the inside of the train too. The conductor comes by and punches three holes with the puncher and that means you're ready to go on the train, I really want to get one of those puncher things... So you start moving and these crazy hobos come down the train with "sock tea", a pot of tea with a dirty sock instead of tea, and they're asking us "Do you want some of this tea?" Everyone yelled "NO!" because no one wants to drink hobo dirty sock tea. The hobos were a little bit nice though, cause they gave us gum.

The real elves were on the train with us, the ones waving from outside were (spoiler alert) just cardboard, and they were all girl elves on the train, no boy elves. The North Pole was all lit up with special lights and real Santa was waving, and that was when Santa got on the train and we started going backwards. Santa comes through to say hi to everyone, he said "How are you doing?" and handed the cool bells out (this portion of the interview was followed by several minutes of vigorous bell ringing from both children and me scrambling to make another cup of coffee). Santa came back to talk to us and he told me he had seen me before, maybe at the Farmers' Market? I told him I remembered him from when I was a baby from his little house by Putnam Market and I told him I wanted Legos, but the small kind not the big kind. He told us to keep on being good. My favorite part was the hot chocolate and the cookies, they were so great.

Leven: I loved it, I did so much. There was this guy with a robber hat (a hobo) and the sock tea guy had a robber hat too and they were saying "Santa's not coming, he's not coming" but all the kids were yelling that he was! There were red ribbons, they were lovely, put up on the wall with tape I think. Can we put some of those up on my bed? I can use the tape by myself. And things you hang up on Christmas trees were there too, and there was a lot of room in there for us to sit. There was Rudolph the Reindeer playing, I don't know what else songs there was but it was all pretty music. But I know how to sing Rudolph (interview then takes a ten minute detour where Lev sings Rudolph and does an elaborate "reindeer dance").

The cookers come and bring cookies and hot chocolate, they were so good. There's lots of lights at the North Pole and everyone cheered and clapped and everyone was yelling for Santa it was crazy! At the end Santa came right on to the train with us and was passing out bells and the hobos came back and said Happy Thanksgiving. Santa asked us what we wanted and I said I wanted a princess Barbie with a pink dress. And there was one elf that said she makes the Barbies and she said she would make me one! I think I dreamed about the elf making my Barbie last night and the Barbie had purple hair like my pajamas.

The end :)

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