Show Me YOUR Mom Confessions for No Judgment Day: November 30th

On Friday, November 30th, Redbook Magazine is celebrating their second annual No Judgment Day, a 24-hour ceasefire of mom-on-mom criticism and I'm celebrating with them. I've written about mom judgment before (check out my post here) and one thing I strongly believe in is other moms supporting each other, NOT judging each other. Today I'm going to post some "Mom Shaming" pics, not to make myself or anyone feel bad, but instead to poke fun at the guilt we all feel for cutting corners sometimes as a parent. We ALL do it. We all have those moments when we are just tired, or stressed, or overworked, and you take the easy road because you NEED to. Maybe it's letting the laundry dry a second (or third) time because you just don't want to face taking it out and putting it all away. Maybe it's a little white lie you tell your kids to make everything run just a little smoother "This is mommy's juice". Maybe it's the fact that you hide "the good ice cream" because you know what? You just want to have it all to yourself. And there is NOTHING wrong with that. What IS wrong is the guilt, the feeling bad, and the judging others. Judging other moms extends to all corners of the parenting world. It doesn't matter if you're a breastfeeder or a bottle feeder, a co-sleeper or a cry it outer, a sling mom or a stroller mom, a mom who also works outside the home or a mom who is the full time CEO of the household. These are our choices, and we are all doing the best we can. Stop the judgment and start the support. Share YOUR Mom Shaming photos (get inspired here) on my facebook page or email them to me at for a special NO JUDGMENT DAY post (and an upcoming Mamatoga Magazine story)! Let's have a good laugh, and learn how to support each other and stop the judgment, together. xoxo