Mamatoga Honest Giveaway

I've been a fan of Honest Company products from the beginning, and they were the first diapers and wipes we used on baby Jack. Since then our Honest artillery has exploded, and we've got Honest products all over the house that each member of the family use. We've got their Laundry Detergent which is great for everyone in the family, I love it for Jack since it's perfect for babies and sensitive skin without chemicals residues left behind. It's hypoallergenic, biodegradable AND pH Neutral plus it does a fantastic job at getting all of the clothes clean (which is a tall order in this house sometimes). Their body oil has been one of my must haves since day one, made with sustainably grown & certified organic olive oil, jojoba oil, tamanu oil and sunflower oil, it also leaves a delicate scent that I'm in love with. Their new floor cleaner is essential in this house where we have a very active 11 month old who will put pretty much anything off the floor into his mouth. ANYTHING. The same goes for our chocolate lab so it's nice to know that the cleaner, which works on hardwoods, bamboo, laminate & other sealed floors, is also safe and non-toxic with no harsh chemicals or fumes.

I have to say too how huge a fan I am of their swim diapers, I HATE those disposable swim diapers which never seem to actually work anyway. The Honest swim diapers are cute and comfortable, reusable and meet health standards for all public pools. Plus any chance I can get to have Jack rock some Breton stripes is a chance I jump at happily.

In my quest to find all natural products for the whole family Honest has become a solid ally, and I love that they keep on adding new products (the hair mist is LIFE CHANGING!) and that they listen to their customers so much as well. Open up my diaper bag or purse on any given day and you'll find an Honest product in there.

For this giveaway I want YOU to try your choice of Honest's products with a $25 gift card courtesy of Mamatoga that you can use however you like. Try out one of their diaper bundles, some of the fab cleaning supplies, training pants for your potty training kiddo and so much more. Click here to check out all of their products, and then simply comment below to win! xoxo