Twenty Six Random Acts of Kindness in Saratoga Springs

I set up a special #26Acts page where you can find all of the info I am compiling on where and how to volunteer and you can see the photos and stories readers have submitted. To find the facebook page click right here. To contact me with volunteer/acts of kindness opportunities you would like to share, email me at, you can also submit photos and stories to share. Click here to read about the arts & crafts supplies drive and to read about my inspiration click here. The Senior Center of Saratoga is always looking for volunteers, and they have many opportunities for you to volunteer with your children. It can be as little as an hour. Contact them at 584-1621, click here for the website, or email Lois at

Students from Sandy Hook Elementary will be relocated to another school. Please help the students have a Winter Wonderland at the new school. Making and sending Snowflakes large and small is a great way for children and adults to do something together for the children of this community. Get creative. No two snowflakes are alike.

Please send snowflakes by January,12, 2013 to

Connecticut PTSA 60 Connolly Parkway Building 12, Suite 103 Hamden, CT 06514

Reader submitted photos and stories:

Day # 2 paid for the person behind me in line's order at Dunkin Donuts. Didn't get to see their reaction but I am sure that it surprised them :) -Krystina

Day #1 Sent an email with an attached Holiday card to all of my children's teachers telling them how much our family appreciates all the hard work they do. -Michele

Day 1 was yesterday for me, and I sent my kids teachers notes to let them know how much we love and appreciate all that they do. In my opinion, they are not ever thanked enough, and after this tradgey, I will make it a point to let them know how our family feels about them and the wonderful job they are doing. -Heidi

Day#1 was small (hard to get out into the world while wrangling kids): a while back I solicited the Dallas Cowboys for a donation for an "empty stocking kid" who is a big fan. Donations were collected, and nothing came from Dallas (I didn't really expect anything to). In last night's mail was a package from the Dallas Cowboys! Now we're working on finding the child to pass on the package, and I wrote a thank you card to the Cowboys for their generosity. -Angela

Yesterday a group of us did a "flash mob" at the Wilton mall play area. We showed up and cleaned the whole thing with Lysol wipes and then let the kids run wild. Perhaps we saved some littles from some sort of cooties. -Becky

Here's some inspiration/ideas from the blogosphere (submitted by Erin):

1. Pay the drive-thru bill for someone behind me at a fast-food restaurant or Starbucks, leaving a cheery message on a post-it for them instead 2. Leave bakery treats for the mailman 3. Take dog food, treats and toys to an animal rescue or shelter

4. Let someone go ahead of me in line (preferably someone with their hands full or an antsy toddler) 5. Let several cars pull out in busy holiday traffic (yep, bend my rule of only letting one out at a time) 6. Give my husband an unexpected massage 7. Write encouraging messages to random friends on social media 8. Give blessing bags and/or giftcards to homeless on street corners 9. Leave bakery treats or small giftcards for the garbage collectors 10. Smile at everyone throughout the day - track the number of smiles received back 11. Leave a big tip and note of thanks to a server at a favorite restaurant 12. Leave a random $5 bill and a note to "pay-it-forward" someone in an envelope at a random place 13. Donate clothes 14. Leave a joke to put a smile on someone's face with a note to "keep it going" 15. Put at least $20 in a red kettle 16. Hamburgers for the homeless - bring lunch to a homeless person 17. Send a surprise card telling someone how special they are 18. Put change in vending machines/laundromats 19. Leave my husband a random love note 20. Buy coffee for outside workers on a cold day (road construction crew, etc) 21. Write a thank-you note to someone who has made a difference in my life 22. Pass out compliments all day long 23. Leave an already-read book (w/a note) in a waiting room for someone else to enjoy 24. Leave a happy note & $5 giftcard on someone's car in a parking lot 25. Leave all the coins in my purse laying around town throughout the day (heads up, of course!) 26. Write a little "you're special" note to each of my students

I've been delayed in the airport for 4 hrs and keep offering to watch people's luggage so they can go to the restroom. It's all I got today bc I'm getting cranky. -Becky

Day #2 - Sent Christmas cards to thank the 1st responders in CT. Here are the addresses. -Becky

Monroe Police Department 7 Fan Hill Road Monroe, CT 06468

Newtown Police Department 3 Main Street Newtown, CT 06470

Connecticut State Police Public Information Office 1111 Country Club Road Middletown, Connecticut 06457

Expired parking meter, paid $ in hopes they can avoid getting a ticket.-Jess

Sent a friend who was back to work from maternity leave 10 texts today outlining 10 reasons why I was happy to have her back to work with me. -Bridgette

This really doesn't count as it should because it was sooooo fun but Emily and I watched little Eliza so Rachel could get some "out" time to herself!!! -Lois

For all the families in Sandy Hook, please know that while distance may separate our houses we are your neighbors in heart. We will stand beside you and wrap your hearts in love. -Michele

My husband and I stopped to thank two soldiers today at a diner in Queensbury. A small gesture, but one we haven't done normally, so hoping that will count for #1 today. -Jennifer

ok--i know this doesn't REALLY count...but...didn't swat the lady who asked me 5 million questions about box wine today....was actually patient and explained what each tastes like (even though i have no idea.) i think this counts. -Patricia

k-this one definitely counts...made tins of my "boozeballs" to give out to some good customers....bourbon, pina colada, pecan pie, manhattan and will make everyone feel better (albeit temporarily.) -Patricia

Random act of kindness #1, making Christmas cookies and homemade cards and hand delivering them to our neighbors... -Jenny

Spontaneous Christmas cookie box for the staff at our beloved pediatrician's office. -Erin

Sent in extra pizza $$ for my daughter's pizza party to help cover any the teacher might have to. -Heather

Becky-I saw this story last week and posted it and thought I would share it here too. A simple wish from a dying young boy. I hope you will send him a card and then share this story with all of your friends. Here is his address:

Dalton Dingus HC 62 Box 1249 Salyersville, KY 41465

Day #3: Going out to drag in all of the garbage and recycling cans on our street back up to our neighbors' houses.

12/19/12: Random Act of Kindness #3: Olivia Engel, Age 6. Bought coffees for 4 workers at the new constructions site next to Stewarts in Jonesville. I was so nervous! They were very confused and surprised as I was explaining the mission. But then it sunk in and their smiles were priceless.

Sean asked that instead of buying the gift I was planning on getting him that I donate it to one of our favorite charities instead.

Mountain Media's Ashley Dingeman and Dani Stein participate in Random Acts of Kindness by delivering a Box O' Joe to the construction workers next door, who are so diligently working to build the new Bow Tie Cinemas in downtown Saratoga.

Bought lunch for the nice couple who installed my window treatments today, bought coffee for women behind me in line at Starbucks who kindly let me go ahead of her and donated new baby clothes I didn't want instead of returning them to the store. -Nichole

Told the man behind me in line at the post office who was only buying a roll of stamps to go ahead of me with my packages to ship. -Heather

Started today sending a note to an acquaintance who is a detective just outside of Newton; thanking him for all he and his fellow officers have done to help these families in crisis.