If My Life Was Like Pinterest

I love Pinterest, I do. I can get lost on there pinning away, and in a lot of ways it has become like a Dream Board of things I aspire to. In a lot of ways it has become a Comedy Board of things I will never get around to doing, but that I WISH I could do. Here is a little round up of what my life would look like if the Pinterest gods smiled upon me with my ULTIMATE PINTEREST WISHLIST! What does yours look like? What my closet would look like:

Huge, color coordinated and full of Hermes boxes. Oh and the shoes and boots, I don't ask for much.

What my kitchen would look like:

Gorgeous and rustic with a huge fireplace? Yes please. I'll take that mellow looking beagle too, he seems nice.

What my mud room would look like:

Oh I already have a mud room though. It's called my garage. And it doesn't look anything like that.

What my dinner parties would look like:

Just a hundred people or so in my backyard. No biggie.

What my bike would look like:

This bike is bad ass, Finn would love the little shark decal. Why can't they make bikes like this in the U.S.? I would totally wear that coat too...

What my vacation home would look like:

I'm not sure where that giant platform swing is suspended from but it. Is. AWESOME.

What my work at home "office" would look like:

Just some breakfast in bed with some french press coffee so I can snuggle up on my D. Porthault sheets and get some work done with the sunlight streaming through the windows, in silence...

What my car would look like:

Oh yes.

What my laundry room would look like: