Mamatoga Giveaway & Review: Olive Naturally's Winter Skin Bundle

olive01447_402902942_nWinter can be tough on your skin, chapped lips, dry itchy skin, the moisture gets sucked out and the result can be downright painful. That's why when Kara from Olive Naturally offered me the chance to review AND give away one of her Winter Skin Bundles I jumped at the chance, I desperately needed some new skin products in my life. I've been a fan of Olive Naturally since the beginning, and their baby products are a staple in this household. A local mom run business, Olive Naturally products are 100% natural and free of nasty things like parabens, urea, phthalates, sulfates, glycols, petrochemicals or formaldehyde producers, you can be sure that this stuff is safe to use on yourself, and your family. She uses amazing oils in her formulas like coconut, macadamia, avocado and jojoba, and of course olive oil, which she uses in almost every formula.

The first product I had to open was the whipped body butter. I picked the Tahitian Vanilla scent and I have to admit, I think I picked one of the best scents. To say it smells AMAZING would be putting it mildly. Although the body butter is incredibly thick, it smooths in quickly and leaves your skin soft with zero greasiness. I was actually surprised by how quickly it smoothed in, and the scent it leaves behind is subtle enough to not be overpowering but strong enough to not have to wear another fragrance (which is nice, because I would totally wear this scent as a perfume). I used this on everyone in the family, including the kids post-bath and it was hands down our favorite. I liked how it absorbed nicely onto the damp kids rather than the usual lotion that just sort of slips around on little wet skin.

The peppermint foot balm is like heaven for feet. I love that it has the bold peppermint scent without the sharpness peppermint can sometimes have. Just a little bit of the balm was perfect, and I slipped on socks to wear overnight and the results were definitely noticeable. I like that it has a little lavender in it as well, cause a foot rub should be relaxing, right?

I feel like the cuticle balm was made just for me. My hands and cuticles are dry in the winter, but I loathe putting hand lotion on, so this little spot treatment solves my problem without having to use lotion all over. A cute little tin is perfect to pop in a bag to use for anytime. I see myself putting one by the kitchen sink, one by the bed, and one in my bag. A little dab on your finger is all you need, and the Shea butter, beeswax and Vitamin E pack a big punch in that little dab for smoothing out rough cuticles.

The soothing salve is really going to be the workhouse in this batch of winter skin savers. Finn and Lev both suffer from that all too common childhood malady, the chapped face. Not JUST the lips, they manage to keep licking and licking their dry lips till the whole area surrounding their faces is chapped. This just gets worse by adding in playing outside in the cold weather, and it can be a painful and hard to solve problem. Rather than slather lip balm all over their faces (which I have done numerous times with very little result) this soothing salve heals the chapped skin with a combination of comfrey leaf, which has a long history of use to promote the healing of wounds and Emu Oil, which is a natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent, with the ability to help cell regeneration. The natural oils soothe the skin rather than sting, and the kids said it actually feels really good, which is so welcome rather than the usual running away from me when I try to put something on their faces.

The littlest product in the bundle might just be my favorite though. To say I am a connoisseur of lip balms would be an understatement, and I am thoroughly addicted to balm. I have tried them ALL. All scents, all brands, all kinds. This lip balm has the gorgeously lush Tahitian Vanilla scent with absolutely no weird taste at all, and it is creamy and smooth yet has major staying power on your lips. This is one item I am definitely buying in bulk from Olive Naturally, it's perfect.

Now, besides having these great products, Kara also has some great winter skin tips which you can read in the Holiday Issue of Mamatoga Magazine by clicking here. I also want YOU to try these amazing, all natural products yourself! Kara has given me a Winter Skin Bundle to give away to one lucky reader.

One giveaway winner will receive One (1) Olive Naturally Winter Skin Bundle which includes:

1 8oz Tub of Whipped Body Butter

1 Tin of Peppermint Foot Balm

1 Tin of Soothing Salve

1 Tin of Cuticle/Hand Balm

1 Tube of Lip Balm

The Whipped Body Butter and Lip Balm are available in the following scents (the winner can choose their own scent): ~ Purely Peppermint ~ Rosemary Mint ~ Coconut Lemongrass ~ Tahitian Vanilla ~ Uplifting ~ Daydream ~ Milk & Honey ~ Simply Olive (Unscented)

To enter, just do two simple things, go "like" Olive Naturally on facebook (if you haven't already!) and comment below, it's that easy! I will pick one winner at random. PLUS everyone can enjoy a 10% discount (valid until 1/31/13) on any purchases. All you have to do is enter "olivemamatoga" into the Discount Code box in the website shopping cart.

So go like Olive Naturally and comment below to win, and good luck, thanks for reading! xoxo