The Mamatoga Magazine Family

springI've been hard at work on the Spring Issue of Mamatoga Magazine, and I couldn't be more excited about how it is all coming together. Part of what I love about putting the magazine together is choosing the stories right from what parents in our community are talking about. I get story ideas from people on facebook, moms chatting in the pickup line at preschool, what my friends are talking about over a glass of wine on a night out, and what my neighbors right here in this community talk about while we wait for our kids to get off the bus. I love talking with restaurant owners, business owners, teachers, people on the committees and boards, and my favorite people on Twitter (you know who you are), plus all of my fellow mom and dad friends. Getting to know everyone helps me have an even better idea of what people in our community want to read about.

Non-profits are always on the top of my list to feature, and in this issue I once again will spotlight a local non-profit run by an amazingly dedicated local family. Their tireless hard work and incredible contribution to other families is truly remarkable. I love being able to spread the word on the work that non-profits are doing to help boost the support in any way that I can.

Just as being a parent has many, MANY facets, Mamatoga Magazine does as well. I've got everything in there from eating healthy to asking the experts, local events and save the dates to keep your family in the loop, style features from local moms that bring you inside their homes and their closets. I've got some features that will feature YOU, the readers, and your families, having fun out in our community or being able to show off your babywearing dad (loving those pics btw)! I can't wait to share pieces from some of my local mom writers, the Adventures in Co-Parenting dynamic duo and another important piece on helping children cope with anxiety. My feature on autism is also multi-faceted and will encompass stories from parents, professionals, stories on the children themselves and more. It's a collaborative, in-depth feature that hopefully will inform and open up a dialogue too. I love being able to share new places, new products, new events and new ideas with readers, just as they share them with me.

Putting the magazine together from the ground up this time has been such an incredibly rewarding experience, because every piece of it is put together with an eye toward producing the best, whole, cohesive product I can for this community. It isn't about filling space between advertisements, it's about taking the best of the vibrant Mamatoga online community and bringing it to life on the page. It has been a labor of love this time around for sure, and the reason I am so committed to making it work is because I truly love and cherish this community we have here. The other day a readers asked me if I would post something on facebook asking about midwives, and within minutes she had over twenty responses from local moms. The moms and dads that read Mamatoga really are part of the bigger Mamatoga family, one that wants to jump in and offer advice, some help, donate what they can, or share a laugh or a smile. I might not know all of you in person (yet) but all of you make up an important part of this community.

If you are interested in being a contributor, sponsor, or to be a spot for distribution for Mamatoga Magazine and the upcoming issues please do not hesitate to contact me at, as well if you have any questions at all. I'm already full steam ahead on the summer issue too (and I can't WAIT for that cover family) so stay tuned for more from Mamatoga. xoxo