Mamatoga Total Fitness Series: Prenatal Yoga with Bonnie at Saratoga Springs Yoga

prenatalWhen I first heard about prenatal yoga I was skeptical. As big and round as I was I thought THIS was the least capable I would be physically of bending and stretching, but once I started I fell in love and realized that all of the bending and stretching and breathing was exactly what I needed to feel better while pregnant. I discovered that the benefits of prenatal yoga are many. One of the unexpected perks of a prenatal class is that it doubles as a preggo support group. You get a chance to hang out with other moms to be, you can chat about the good parts, commiserate about the not so good parts, and make new friends. Pick up some tips on how to deal with morning sickness or the best body pillow for your bump in this community of moms. Breath is absolutely key when it comes to labor and delivery. In practical terms, the yogic practice of “pranayama” refers to a set of breathing techniques that are used for relaxation, concentration and meditation and is an awesome skill for moms to develop before giving birth. Prenatal yoga teaches forms of breathing that can also help alleviate heartburn and morning sickness, can help the mother push and/or control the urge to push during labor and delivery, can connect with the baby once hearing is developed, and can even incorporate into nursing after the birth to the benefit of both mom and baby.

Safe, comfortable, supportive yoga can also relieve many common discomforts of pregnancy. Studies have suggested that practicing yoga during pregnancy can also improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth. It can also decrease nausea, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches and shortness of breath, and decrease the risk of preterm labor, pregnancy-induced hypertension and intrauterine growth restriction — a condition that slows a baby’s growth. Support your health, restore vitality, and build inner strength and stability for the journey ahead. Connect with your body, connect with your baby, and connect with other moms.

At Saratoga Springs Yoga, instructor Bonnie has a passion for prenatal yoga. As a mother of three, Bonnie knows first hand the value of yoga, and what a gift her practice can be for the entire family. The “mother is the heart of the home”, and when Mama’s happy, everybody’s happy!  Bonnie has extensive training in prenatal yoga, and has also been certified in Restorative yoga by the Queen of  Relaxation, Judith Lasater. Bonnie has found meditation deeply fulfilling and she has been certified as a meditation teacher by Cyndi Lee and her light and playful style will fill your day with peace and smiles! I first met Bonnie when our sons were going to preschool together at the YMCA, and I have to say that she has such an upbeat and warm vibe and her class will definitely be comfortable, friendly, and peaceful.