Life with Luna: Our First Month

luna1093158638_nOur first month with Luna has been full of changes. The snow is gone (which she is really happy about and hopefully mother nature will keep it that way) and now that the weather is getting warmer she loves exploring our big backyard (and occasionally the yards of our neighbors, I must admit). She loves going on long walks through the neighborhood, sniffing at something new every few inches and gets major happy feet whenever her leash is picked up. Her little personality has really blossomed, and her energy level is twice that of her first week. She hops around and plays with Hunter, goading him into playing with her, and she feels so comfortable with him now she sleeps in his bed WITH him now, not pushing him out like at first. They are two peas in a dog pod now and I'm beyond thrilled that they enjoy being around each other. I think Hunter really likes having another dog around after losing our Lucy, and that makes me so happy.

She has caught on really well that baby Jack is the easiest one in the family to get food from, and Jack now has a two dog entourage that follows him around whenever he has a little snack in his hand. Luna gets plenty of snacks though, and has been putting weight on and is looking very healthy. She knows the drill for when the dog food comes out and she will line up with Hunter and they wait somewhat impatiently for their breakfast together and it's one of my favorite parts of the day.

luna66709_933164575_nWe've dubbed her the "cat-dog" because of her habit of perching up on the top of the couch in the living room when she wants to have a quiet snooze. The rest of the time she's right in the mix with us in the family room, and she'll come hop on someone's lap (usually Levy's or mine) when we're all in there for a movie night. She and Levy definitely have a special bond though. It's Levy's "big girl" responsibility to walk Luna now and she feels so proud of herself when she gets to take her for her little walks around the house (while I supervise, of course). Levy doesn't let more than twenty minutes go by without checking on Luna and making sure she's warm, or comfortable.

levlunalovelunaicecreamSeeing Luna now almost brings me to tears thinking about that night I first saw her picture on facebook. She is such a changed dog, so loving, so snuggly and happy, it's really amazing. I can't help but pat her little belly every time I walk by her if she's napping, and I regularly have her on my lap as I write (as I do right now). Now that it is getting warmer out we are going to start bringing her to the dog park to meet some friends. I'm also looking forward to having her check out our very dog friendly downtown with me and the family and I'm going to put together a little "Luna's List" of the top friendly dog spots in town.

photo courtesy of Tracey Buyce photography

Mostly though, what amazes me the most, is the support that I've seen for this little doggie on facebook and in the community already. Milton Manor Pet Spa and Resort held a fundraiser for Luna and CANDi International yesterday and raised $582 for CANDi and coming up on June 15th is Putt for the Pups which will also help raise funds for CANDi (and Luna is the spokespup!). A special thanks to Luna's godmommy Tracey Buyce, who came by last week to take some new photos of Luna and the kids. I like to think of Tracey as Luna's "Fairy Godmother", she helped bring Luna here to her forever home. Tracey, Luna says you can come by and take her to Dairy Haus whenever you like. Follow along on Luna's journey right here. Thanks so much for all the kind words and well wishes from so many of you, animal lovers are truly a special kind of people. xoxo