Mamatoga Loves: Camp Little Notch

CLN.2Picture yourself in a majestic forest on the shore of a pristine, 80-acre private lake that is so clear it’s possible to see sunbeams shining on the bottom. This is Camp Little Notch. A summer home where campers can experience fun and friendship, challenge and adventure; the chance to practice living in harmony with nature, each other, and themselves. Within five minutes of arriving, campers have half a dozen new friends who just might become their friends for life. There are so many things to do at Camp Little Notch- swimming, canoeing, cookouts, stargazing, yoga, singing, drumming, creek-walking, a ropes challenge course, and so much more! Their rustic woodland setting plays an important part in making the Camp Little Notch experience so unique. Sleeping in a platform tent, watching the sun come up over the mountains, and listening to the sounds of the forest at night all come together to make an unforgettable summer experience. Camp Little Notch brings girls of various backgrounds together through activities that break down barriers between people and create a community where girls value themselves and each other. At Camp Little Notch they consciously and intentionally use a variety of tools to create a camp community in which they celebrate diversity, encourage community building, teach conflict resolution and communication skills, facilitate sharing of traditions between people, and confront all forms of discrimination, prejudice, and exclusion in their interactions, operations, and activities. These elements are a part of everything they do at Camp Little Notch, and everyone benefits.

CLN.1CLN.3I spent my summers in college as a counselor and lifeguard at an all girls sleep-away camp and I have to say it was one of the most special experiences of my life, and is definitely something I want my own daughter to experience as well. I'm already planning on sending Lev to Camp Little Notch when she's older, and I just might stick around a little longer than normal to try and relive my own camp days. xoxo

To get more information on Camp Little Notch see below for dates and pricing, and click here to visit their website.

Summer Dates:

2013 Program for Girls - July 20-26 (One week, ages 7-17) - Designed for campers of all ages and interests!

2013 Wilderness Trip for Girls - July 20-August 2 (Two weeks, ages 13-17) - Designed for older campers. After several days spent in camp planning and preparing, the group will embark on a wilderness trip (five to six days in the Adirondacks), returning to Camp Little Notch during Community Camping. Previous primitive camping experience is recommended but not required. Successful completion of deep-water swim test is required.

At Camp Little Notch, they understand that families have different abilities to pay for summer camp and they strive to make invaluable camp experiences affordable for all. Camp Little Notch uses a tiered pricing system that allows families to choose the payment that they can afford. Your choice is confidential and your child will receive the same programs and opportunities regardless of the tier you choose. You can find more information about their pricing here. They also have a limited number of camperships available that cover up to the entire cost of camp – Please contact for more information.