Take Part in the Mamatoga Beauty Project

beautyAs a mom to a daughter, I think often about her self esteem, about the way the media and outside influences might shape the way she sees herself. I want her to know that she is the most beautiful thing in the world, and I want her to feel good about herself, about her body, about the way she looks. I want her to feel confident and strong. I'm not saying outward appearance is the most important thing, far from it. Rather, I want her to have a better understanding of what real beauty is. That real beauty isn't a cookie cutter definition, that everyone has their own beauty, every face, every body, everyone has their own beauty and that it comes in all shapes and sizes, all shades, all ages.

I got to thinking about magazines, where we often find those cookie cutter images, especially of women, and thought how nice it would be if there was a magazine that had some real images of women, some real images of what women thought was beautiful about themselves. A way to celebrate what is beautiful in all of us.

That is where you come in. I want photos of YOU for the summer issue of Mamatoga Magazine. I want to see what makes you beautiful. If you think you are most beautiful when you are laughing, send me a photo of that. Maybe you feel most beautiful in your partner's eyes, or your kid's eyes, so have them take a photo of you (or draw one). If you think it is when you are nursing your baby, send me a photo of that. If you think it is your freckles, your smile, your feet in the grass, your hands, your stretch marks from carrying your baby, send me a photo. I want to see what really makes you, you. Maybe you feel the most beautiful when you're with your best girlfriends. Maybe it's when you're running a marathon, or making a special dinner, or when you're carefree on vacation with your family. If you felt most beautiful while pregnant, send me a photo of that. If you would rather not have your photo in the magazine but still want to take part? Just send me a few sentences about when you feel the most beautiful, you can even do it anonymously (of course). I want to celebrate women, celebrate motherhood, and the beauty of both, the real beauty of it all with some real photos of real moms.

Have fun with us, get creative with it, make it your own.

Let's make this a POSITIVE continuation of the great community we have here, a supportive, no judgment community. This is NOT a beauty contest, this is NOT a forum for judgment, this is NOT a place where anyone should feel embarrassed, or ashamed, or uncomfortable. Simply, let's put some real, un-airbrushed beauty on the pages of a magazine. As I said, I'm not saying that beauty is only in the outward appearance, of course not. I just want images, or thoughts, on what beauty means to you, what your beauty is. Submit any photos or written pieces about your beauty (including any questions you have about the project) to jenny@mamatoga.com by JUNE 10th. I think we can really make something special here, and trust me, you are all so beautiful. xoxo