Mamatoga Top Ten: Teacher's Gift Ideas

The end of the school year is just around the corner, and if you’re trying to come up with that perfect way to say THANK YOU to your child’s teacher check out these easy ideas. Some you can make at home, some you can pick up in town, and all of them would bring a smile to that special teacher’s life.  

1. Personalized Bookplates Using the free printable template here at Lavender’s Blue you can make these sweet personalized bookplates for your child’s teacher right at home. Wrap them up with a cute ribbon and tuck into a gift bag and you’re done!

2. Body Scrub Over at Martha Stewart she has a fabulous body scrub recipe using only four ingredients. Have the kids make their own labels for a sweet touch.

3. Framed Art This free printable from eighteen25 couldn’t be easier to give as a gift. Simply print out the free graphic, pick out the perfect frame and wrap it up! This would look great hanging in a classroom or on the wall in a teacher’s home.

4. Snap Top Notebook Tote I think this little tote is absolutely adorable, and can be used as a makeup bag, a little carryall, or just as a small tote full of essentials to be stashed in the classroom desk. Fill it with whatever extra goodies you want to give and it makes a perfect gift! Get all the directions here at tolen family fun.

5. Chalkboard Pendant Over at Henry Happened they have an idea that I just love, given my obsession with chalkboard paint! This is an easy and super cute idea for a teacher, and you can customize it with whatever type of ribbon or embellishment you want. Wrap it up in a cute little gift box topped with some cute washi tape and you have an original and sweet gift.

 6. Coffee Gift Card We all know how important coffee can be when dealing with your own energetic five year old, can you imagine how necessary it must be when you have a classroom FULL of five year olds?! Head over to your favorite coffee spot and pick up a gift card so your teacher can choose their favorite pick me up, on you! And before you give it to them, download and create your own adorable “Thanks a Latte” card to put it in, courtesy of eighteen25!

7. Some “quiet time” Get some movie passes or a gift certificate to Netflix to pass on some nice quality quiet time to your child’s teacher. Whether they're a Downton Fan or an Arrested Development fan (or both) they'll love Netflix, and who doesn't love a good summer blockbuster in the theater?!

8. Pool your resources and give a big gift like a spa gift certificate. Get an email going around and collect money to put towards a fabulous spa treatment that is guaranteed to relax and refresh your teacher over the summer break.

9. School Supplies With school budgets stretched so thin, many teachers are paying for classroom supplies out of pocket. Giving a gift card for supplies or a cute “school supply cake” like this one from The Outlaw Mom can help a teacher pick up much-needed items for their students.

10. Make a Donation Either to a charity you know is close to your teacher’s heart or one of your own choosing, making a donation to charity is always something greatly appreciated. Another way to donate would be to donate to the library at school in your teacher’s name. Find out if there is anything specific that the library might need and make the donation in your teacher’s name, and have your child give a card explaining the donation.