Here's to the Moms

lovepoemHere's to you who breastfeed. Here's to you who don't.

Here's to you who co-sleep.

Here's to you who won't.

I applaud those of you who forgo the epidural.

I am one of you that gave in.

I say brava to you natural birthers.

And rock on those of you with a section.

Some of us feed our kids nuggets and hot dogs.

Some of us do vegan organic.

Some of us say no no no to tv.

For some, if the iPad dies we panic.

And yet, all of us cry when our kids feel pain.

All of us struggle and doubt.

The no sleep, the stomach bugs, the potty training, the school breaks.

The tween years, the teen years, the dramas, the heartbreaks.

But the real fact is we are in it together.

We are mothers, let's support and let's share.

Because when they are grown, we'll have that moment of feeling alone...

For you fellow mom friends, (bringing wine) I'll be there. xoxo