Sneak Peek at the Summer Issue's Stuff I Love (hint: it's monogrammed)

It's no secret I'm slightly obsessed with monograms, so you can understand my delight when I picked up my new bag from Silverwood Gallery this afternoon, one of my absolute favorite shops in Saratoga. It's a sturdy rustic burlap tote big enough for hauling stuff from the Saratoga Farmers' Market and with a waxed lining so you can even bring it to the beach or the pool and toss wet towels in it. It's basically useful for anything and everything, but it's also really, really pretty with the addition of a hand painted (yes I said hand painted) monogram on it. There are a ton of styles to choose from, I chose the Liberty print-esque one for this tote (I of course have more planned). The bag also shows your city pride with Saratoga Springs written across in a gorgeous robin's egg blue. The bag comes in two sizes, this nice big size and a smaller, more purse sized one, and they are incredibly affordable (around $30 with the monogram for the big one, depending on which monogram you choose). They have all kinds of monograms to choose from, a classic diamond one, an equestrian themed one with a horseshoe, script ones, and more. Head to Silverwood to check them out, and below is a sneak peek at mine. I think it is fair to say this will be a hot little item this summer. Stay tuned for the Summer Issue of Mamatoga Magazine for the full rundown of the Must Haves for the summer in Saratoga... xoxo

bag1 bag2