my weekend in photos

WHOA. What a weekend. The pool opened on Friday at McGregor Links Country Club, I had a photo shoot at The Brook Tavern for Saratoga Tables magazine with Saratoga Food Fanatic (just incredible), we were back at McGregor for Levy's tea party birthday with Experience Events and Ashley Brown taking a few photos (our cupcakes from Healthy Living were AMAZING), then...the Saratoga 150 Family Night at SPAC! We just loved it, there were so many kids to run around and play with, Finn and Lev made about ten new friends. Blowing bubbles, rolling down the little hill on the SPAC lawn, capped off by one of the best fireworks shows I've seen in Saratoga. It was a magical night. (watch the grand finale in the video below) Sunday morning we took part once again in the amazing Cantina Kids Fun Run, one of our favorite kids' events in Saratoga. Levy and Finn were so excited to add another medal to their little collection and it was a great turnout. Post race were all a little beat from the crazy weekend so we stayed inside, played card games and relaxed while we watched the rain.

This week I'm pulling together everything for the Summer Issue of Mamatoga Magazine, which will include the premiere issue of Saratoga Tables so I am going to have my nose to the grindstone, but I will still be thinking about what a great weekend we just had. Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate Lev's birthday with us...xoxo

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