my weekend in photos

Saturday night we watched the Belmont with the baby on the perfect veranda at Saratoga National and Jack took a little stroll onto the greens. The rest of the weekend was all about SaratogaArtsFest and I must say BRAVO to everyone who helped put it together this year. From Jeff Kinney to Tiempo Libre to the Beekman Street Fair and beyond we had an amazing time. Mary Ellen O’Loughlin, I tip my hat to you on a job very well done. Stilt walking, Italian ice eating, magic with my favorite magician Alan Edstrom, portrait painting with Your Toy Portrait, taking part in a drum circle, plus a chance to illustrate a children's story with a real life children's book illustrator. I stopped at G. Williker's after Kids do Art to pick up some modeling clay because Finn liked it so much. Plus, we finally got to try the avocado fries from Slidin' Dirty and THEY. WERE. INCREDIBLE. I'm pretty sure I had a dream about them last night.

This morning, Finn sneaked downstairs earlier than anyone else, and I assumed he was trying to get in some iPad time before we all woke up. When I came down he was waiting patiently on the couch, the untouched iPad beside him. "Don't you want to play the iPad?" I asked. "No, I want to play with the modeling clay!". To which I happily obliged. Thank you SaratogaArtsFest for opening this new little creative door inside him. xoxo


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