Mamatoga's Top Picks for Back to School Gear

backtoschoolWe've got a lot of August to enjoy, but don't let Back to School sneak up on you unprepared! I actually always love doing the Back to School shopping, it brings back fond memories of a fresh start, the perfection of a brand new unused notebook, and the excitement of making new friends and learning something different. Here I've got my top picks for backpacks, lunchboxes, water bottles and labels to keep your kids safe and keep all of that new gear coming home with them. Plus I've got a few picks for keeping kids healthy during the school year! xoxo toddlerbackpacks1. Beatrix NY 2. Skip Hop 3. Beatrix NY 4. SoYoung

waterbottles1. Water Bobble 2. Camelbak 3. Sigg 4. Kleen Kanteen


1. Sillywagon 2. Goodbyn 3. BuiltNY  4. Container Store

namebubblesboxall labels from Name Bubbles: school labels, sports labels, alert labels, shoe labels

healthandwellness1. Coromega Omega 3 Kids Orange Squeeze 2. Violight Zapi-Doodle Toothbrush Sanitizer 3. Honest Baby & Toddler Multi Powder 4. Kiss My Face Kids Self Foaming Hand Wash