My First Day of School Poem

Norman_Rockwell_School_WalkMay she make friends that are kind, and may she be kind to her friends. Please let her have someone that sticks up for her, and may she have the strength to stick up for them.

May she be happy to go, but miss me just enough to want to come home when the day ends.

Please let her have someone nice to eat lunch with, and please have her brother say hello and smile when they pass in the hall.

May she have the confidence to raise her hand when she knows the answer, and the knowledge to keep it down and listen up when she does not.

May she learn to draw within the lines, but keep her imagination boundless.

May she speak up, stand tall, run fast, try hard, create much, have cute secrets with friends, and learn how to pump her legs on the playground swing so she goes high.

May she grow so much it catches me by surprise and creates a happy sad little lump in my throat.

If she falls and scrapes her knee on the playground, please let there be a hand to help her up, and a gentle nurse to wipe the tears away.

If someone is mean, may she have the strength to get through the day, thinking of us at home, ready to hug her when she comes through the door.

May she never know how much I miss her, and how many times I check the clock.

Mostly though, please let her look away before I cry at the bus stop. Let my happy wave and smile be the send off. Let her self esteem build just a little bit each day as she climbs onto that bus, by herself, on her own. My big girl.

love to all you parents sending kiddos to school for the first day tomorrow, xoxo