Do This: BOO! {your neighbors}

A couple weeks ago around dinner time the doorbell rang at our house, and by the time we got to the door no one was there. What WAS there, however, was a basket full of Halloween goodies and decorations, and a note explaining we had been "Booed" by one of our neighbors. This was the first time we had gotten Booed, and the kids just loved it. halloween-boo8In our basket we had some candy, some cute Halloween decorations, some fun spider rings and glow sticks and three more "Booed" instructions, including two signs. One "We've Been Booed" sign for us, and another one for the first house we chose to Boo. The instructions were simple. Put the "We've Been Booed" up in your window so you don't get hit twice, then pick two (or more) houses to spread the fun to. You give them their own basket along with the sign and instructions and then they pass it on. I just loved it, and the kids really got into it too. We shopped for some fun treats, put the baskets together and plotted out how we would Boo our neighbors without getting caught. Part of what I loved about it was that the kids were excited about getting cool stuff for OTHER kids, rather than wanting to buy it all for themselves. The idea of spreading the fun and making someone else smile, even if you didn't get to actually see them finding it because you were trying not to get "caught" is just so contagiously fun.

Also, I love how this easy trend helps build community in our neighborhoods. Maybe you find a new family to Boo as a way to welcome them to your area. Maybe there is a family with a new baby and you can do a Baby Boo (throw some diapers in there) or a grown up Boo (bottle of wine and some popcorn to watch a movie? I'd take that). The idea is to just spread a little fun, and it definitely will bring a smile to someone. So this week, while you're buying your candy to get ready for the big night, maybe just pick up one extra Boo basket and start this little trend in your own neighborhood. xoxo

This is the perfect time to get those Boos in, and here is a super cute (and free) printable to include in your Boo Baskets.