Home Made Birthday Party

When I was growing up, all of my birthday parties were home made. The cake, the dinner, the decorations. My parents would even wrap our gifts in the funny pages from the newspaper, nice and simple. Although we are having a bigger party with his classmates this weekend, we always have our "home" birthday party for just the family on the day of. The birthday boy (or girl) gets to pick what they want to eat for all three meals, and we decorate our dining room, make a cake and open a few presents. There is usually a board game or some sort of party game, some good old fashioned streamers in the favorite colors, party hats and noisemakers. This year for Finn's 7th we went Star Wars for his at home party. I googled "How to Draw R2D2 Easy" and made a "Pin the Button on R2D2" game and cut out decorations for the walls from painting paper. My mom got into the fun of it too and hand drew her own wrapping paper for Finn's gift of Lego figurines. The Darth Vader cake came out better than expected, as I was sort of worried it would turn out to be just a black frosting blob, but I'm pretty sure you could actually make out that it was, in fact, Darth Vader (at least according to Finn). Levy drew a card for Finn, including a picture depicting his favorite food, bbq pizza from D'Andrea's (which is what we had for dinner, per his request). All in all it was a special night. I took too many pictures, as usual, trying to hold on to this little moment in time. He's growing up right before my eyes. Tucking him into bed last night, he had all his new Star Wars figurines with him, the tiny little lightsabers still firmly in their grasps. Full of cake and his treat of orange soda, I brushed his hair off his forehead and told myself "Remember this, hold onto this". The decorations are still up in the dining room, and I think I'll leave them up all week to stretch out the fun. You only turn seven once, after all. xoxo