Remembering Kindess Today, From Me to You With Love

Someone bought me my coffee this morning, before I could get out the words to say I wanted to buy the coffee for the person in line behind me, and it almost brought me to tears. I have been trying to be mindful of keeping up the random acts of kindness for a year now. I'll admit it wasn't something I tried to do on a daily basis before the whole 26 Acts of Kindness thing, but I had really been trying to remember. Sometimes it was something super easy, like calling my grandma to chat with her for a few minutes, or, like the stranger did for me today, just buying a cup of coffee. Nothing huge.

But I've been trying to make sure I do more of it. Wanting to put some good into the world. Even a teeny tiny bit. I read an article this morning that spoke with some of the families of the Newtown victims. Erica Lafferty, whose mother was Dawn Hochsprung, the Sandy Hook Elementary School principal, suggested supporters wanting to note the day instead mark it with 26 acts of random kindness.


After reading that, it did bring tears to my eyes that this cup of coffee I had warming my hands was there because another person, a stranger, wanted to put a smile on my face. That's so awesome. That's everything. Today, put some love into the world, put some kindness into the world. Think about all the smiles you can create. Think about the smiles those smiles can create. It's an incredible legacy.

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People are good, people are kind. Sometimes we need to be reminded of that. I hope this put a smile on your face today, hugs to you. I love you.