Boy or Girl: Did you Find Out or Wait it Out?

indexWhen it comes to pregnancy, one of the questions you get asked the most by pretty much anyone is "Do you know if you're having a boy or a girl?". Some people choose to wait until the big day, and some find out as soon as humanly possible, and there are pros to either choice. If you find out it helps you focus on finding a name because you only have to choose one, you can buy gender specific baby clothes or pick a gender specific paint color for the nursery if you have a preference. If you wait, well, you're in for a huge surprise, but I've always argued that you get that "SURPRISE!" feeling whether you're getting surprised the day of baby's arrival or the day of an ultrasound. But, ultrasounds can be wrong too, I found out with my first three but my second question (after making sure baby was healthy) always was "Is it really a boy?!" or "Is it really a girl?!" (in Levy's case). This time around I'm sure I will want to find out, and it won't be long before we know if it's another boy or another girl. Sean has his ideas about what it might be and I have mine, I was right the first two times but wrong last time so I'm not sure how much I trust my own judgment in this case. What I do know is that this time around I want to make it a little more fun to find out, maybe with a cute gender reveal cake or something along those lines. Also, I really want cake. Like right now.

How about you, did you find out or did you wait for the BIG surprise?