Mamatoga Family Choice Awards 2014: Best Hair Salon

hairTalk about loyalty, the bond a woman has with her hairdresser is an extremely close one, and one she would not give up lightly. On average the relationship between a woman and her hair stylist lasts a whopping 12 years, and some women will book months in advance to make sure their preferred stylist is the one to take the scissor to their tresses. The Strand took home the coveted top spot last year, with Fresh & Co. coming in as runner up, who will wear the Best Of crown this year? Vote for your absolute favorite now. Remember, if you don't see your fave, simply write it in to the "other" category and your vote will be counted, or email me at and I will add the entry. To vote on ALL of the categories simply click here. The winners will be announced in the Spring Issue of Mamatoga Magazine, now happy voting! xoxo [polldaddy poll=7686329]