The Video Where Levy Outs Me for Having a Potty Mouth Here at Mamatoga we absolutely love Name Bubbles. No sooner do I get my little packs of bubbles in the mail then I start furiously bubbling all of the kids belongings. Mittens, hats, snowboards, shoes, hoodies, you name it I have put a Name Bubble on it. Countless times items have been returned for the sole reason it had a Name Bubble on it, and for that I am truly grateful.

I also love that Name Bubbles is a local, mom run company (Finn went to preschool with Founder & CEO Michelle's son), and I'm pretty sure that is why these are so adored by moms. Michelle knows what is important to moms and what is appealing to kids, and that comes together to make an awesome product. Click here to visit their website, I guarantee you'll be hooked and these will turn into a must have item in your household.

This year they are celebrating their Five Year Anniversary, and we were thrilled to be included in a series of short videos featured on their website. In the first video, the interviewer asked the kids what they thought was the perfect age. For Finn's interview I sat outside and did crafts with Levy, so his portion was a fun surprise to hear, but Levy's was a different story. Being on the shy side, Levy asked if I could sit inside and watch her being interviewed, which I of course said yes to.

So there I'm sitting, listening to her little answers (they asked a bunch of questions per interview) and then they got to the one in the video above. "What do you think is the best age?" the friendly interviewer asks. Levy responds with "One, (baby Jack's age) I can do whatever I want," which is quickly followed up with "Did you know our baby once said the F Word?". Cut to me off camera, waving my arms around, frantically blushing, making a face that is meant to convey "IXNAY ON THE F WORD STORY", to no avail.

This interview came weeks after the actual "F Word Incident" with baby Jack, where he somehow picked up the "F Word" from who knows where. Oh wait, I know where he picked it up from, that was me. First off, I don't swear like a sailor or anything like that. I think I have a general potty mouth, with the usual profanities thrown in here and there when appropriate, nothing out of the ordinary. And for the most part, unless something huge and heavy lands on my foot I keep the curse words to an absolute minimum when the kids are in earshot. BUT, as we all know, babies don't start to talk right away, so there is a grace period with them where you can sort of say whatever you want with no repercussions. This grace period usually ends abruptly when they start saying those curse words back, as it happened in my case.

I believe the first instance of Jack and the F Word came when he accidentally knocked a picture frame off the table, shattering the glass everywhere. My immediate reaction was a nice resounding "F%@K!!!" followed by me scooping him up to keep his little feet safe from the glass. It was a reaction F Word, not gratuitous, I assure you. And I forgot about it, until a few days later when Finn came running upstairs from the playroom where they were all playing together.

Finn: Mommy, Jack just said the F Word.

Me: Which one? (Hoping he meant something like fart, which the kids are discouraged from saying at the dinner table).

Finn: F-o-k.

Me: Um, okay...I'll take care of it.

I had to quickly shoo him away before I burst out laughing at his choice of spelling and the cuteness that he has no idea how to really spell that word. When I went downstairs to investigate I found out that Jack had dropped our old timey rotary dial phone on the floor, prompting him to (appropriately but at the same time inappropriately if you know what I mean) say "F%@k!".

The kids of course thought this was hilarious, as they are strictly forbidden from using any bad language, and this turned into Levy's favorite story to share. It didn't matter who she was talking to or why, this story popped up. Standing in line at the post office with strangers, "Did you know our baby says the f word?". Talking to her 90 year old grandmother, "Jack said the f word". The bus driver, our neighbors, they were all regaled with the famous "Baby F Word" story. So I should have been prepared for her to whip it out on camera, but I was not. Nevertheless, after my initial embarrassment, I found it pretty humorous, and when the good folks at Name Bubbles asked if they could use the clip in their video series I said of course.

I'm just glad this interview came after Jack's newest choice word popped up. We were watching an episode of Sesame Street where they were learning about telling time, and Jack was introduced to the concept of a clock. Only he doesn't call it a CLOCK, he leaves the L out and calls it, quite clearly, a c*ck. And he is SO proud of his newest word, literally every time he sees a clock he feels the need to point it out, very loudly, "Mommy, c*ck, C*CK! C*CK!" I of course also loudly correct him, "No no honey, Cuh-LLLLOCK", and he responds, "Yes, c*ck". So, these things creep in, usually hilariously, no matter how careful and clean mouthed you are.

Happy Anniversary again to you guys at Name Bubbles, here's to many more years of helping save the items (and sanity) of parents everywhere! Cheers!