Best Winter Accessory Ever.

winteraccessoryAh, winter in upstate NY. One day it is below zero and you are knee high in snow, the next it warms up to a balmy 35 degrees and you're ankle deep in a slushy mess. Boots are really the only way to go, and hands down the best winter accessory has to be the boot sock. Now, these aren't just long socks, they keep your feet warm and poke out the top of your boot (or cuff over the top) to make sure they stay put and don't go riding down into your boot. My favorites are the Dubarry faux fur boot liners which give you a little extra bit of style with your practical footwear. I wear them with my Dubarrys or with my Hunter boots and they look great with both.

285Hunter also makes their own line of boot socks and they come in so many different options, even kids sizes (so cute).

socks-cable-onblackjpg_1The beauty of the boot sock is that they aren't bulky throughout the whole sock, making it easy to pull your boots on and off (and without squishing your feet or making them too hot). You can also get this look with the boot cuff, a sort of boot sock cheat, which gives you the look of the cuff without the entire sock.

il_570xN.489268577_mcwmOn particularly cold days (Polar Vortex anyone?) I actually wore my fur cuffed boot socks WITH the Best Winter Clothing Item Ever for an unbeatable toasty toes combination.