Best Winter Clothing Item Ever

tightsThis post is dedicated solely to the awesomeness of fleece lined tights (and leggings). If you are unaware of these, let me be the first to extoll their virtues. They are the most comfortable article of clothing I have ever owned, wear them under pants, snow pants, under a dress with boots, under a long sweater, they are cozy and toasty warm, and, dare I say, life changing. I have even worn mine to bed (many, MANY times). They are somehow clingy and form fitting without being tight like regular tights or stockings, they are like form fitting thin sweatpants, if that makes sense, yet their slightly thicker feel makes them infinitely more flattering than regular unlined leggings or tights. And for all of us in the grip of this frigid winter, "fleece lined" is music to our nearly frostbitten ears. I prefer the tights because it takes it up a notch on the lazy easy factor because you don't even need to find socks, but the leggings are also great too. Get some locally at Piper Boutique in Saratoga Springs, but you can get a pair at Shopbop, Anthropologie, or Urban Outfitters. You can thank me later...xoxo