DIY Indoor Planters for Kids {spring}

planters1Today is the first day of spring! Really, I'm serious! Forget that snow, ice, and did I see sleet this morning? Yes it may not look like spring outside (AT ALL) but you can have the kids bring spring inside and get that green thumb feeling going while you wait for all this snow to (finally) melt. Here I've rounded up my favorite indoor planting projects that kids will love. They can learn about how things grow, make something with their own two hands, and help celebrate the beginning of a fantastic spring! First up, the classic and cute eggshell planter. These are so pretty to look at and easy to do (just make sure the kids are gentle with those little eggshells). Plus you can get into some early Easter fun by dying the eggs first to add even more color to your house. For some natural egg dye recipes click here. Plan ahead and use these cute planters as place holders for your Easter dinner table. Find some cute egg cups as holders and paint a name on each egg.

planter2These dinosaur planters are the coolest. Some adult participation is required with cutting the hole in the dinosaur but kids can let their imagination run wild with the rest. Paint them with some gold paint or leave them in their natural dinosaur state, these would be a welcome addition to the windowsill in any kids room. Visit High Walls here for the how to.


I am in LOVE with this letter planter project, and I am already planning on making these for Levy's birthday party. This one is an outdoor project, but you can start making your monogrammed planter plans today by growing some of the plants indoors. Buy the cardboard letters from a craft store and fill them with whatever blooms you choose. For the full tutorial click here to visit Henry Happened.