Mamatoga's Best Multitasker Contest, Vote Now! ***Contest Closed***

Not too long ago I asked all of you moms and dads to share your parent multitasking photos with me and I absolutely loved the submissions. Catherine, owner of Saratoga Paint and Sip Studio (and expecting mommy) and I chose our favorites as the finalists. Now it is up to YOU to vote for your number one favorite. One winner will receive two free seats to Saratoga Paint and Sip Studio, where the only multitasking you'll have to do is sip some wine while you paint your masterpiece! Browse through these finalists then vote in the poll located at the bottom of the post. Thank you to everyone who submitted photos! The winner will be announced here on Friday, March 7th! xoxo 1. OFFICE SNOOZER " I'm lucky enough to work at my family's business which means for both boys' entire first year+ of life they were able to come to work with me.  It was wonderful to have them with me, although it could be challenging feeling like I was juggling many/too many things all at once.  I'm fortunate that I could have them here with me and I wouldn't change it for anything. I remember taking this picture because I had the thought that someday I would look back and longingly miss these crazy days. This picture is me, on the phone with a customer,  entering checks into the computer, all with a just nursed sleeping baby on lap.  Oh, an there's a diaper on the desk which means he probably needed to be changed."

Multitasking Mom2. PINK SHEET PAPA "This photo is of my husband checking out the pink sheet on Travers while holding Annabelle, not that "multitasking' but very Saratoga!" (I have to admit, I love this one, who says multitasking has to only be about work?! As a parent sometimes you need to multitask even when you are trying to relax, am I right?

1009713_10151622829752901_1686467764_o3. MULTIPLES MULTITASKING "Here is a picture of my husband multitasking.  In this picture, he is feeding one of our newborn twin girls, burping the other, and still playing with our 2 year old daughter, all while watching TV!"

Multitasking4. HANDS FREE & HANDS ON "Gym class when my husband can't get out of work..."

photo5. WINE DETERMINATION "Here in this picture you can clearly see me trying to convince a toddler that riding in a wagon is more fun than walking and touching delicate wine grapes, so I can take her picture. Clearly dropping my camera, expletive leaving my mouth and of course I can't set my wine down, its a vineyard and I am determined to relax and have some wine!"


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