{maple} weekend in photos

It was a touch rainy on Sunday but we were determined to make it to part of Maple Weekend so we drove up to the (not very far) Maple Valley Farm in Corinth. They had a tent set up with picnic tables inside where we got some of the most amazing pancakes I've ever had with their fresh, warm maple syrup (we had to buy extra syrup to bring home, it was that good). Even with the drizzling rain it felt really good to just be outside, and the hayride took us to the top of a small hill, at the bottom of which was the Maple Sugar House. We took our time making our way down the hill, the kids collecting rocks from the tiny stream that had worked it's way down the hill. They all loved the big whooshes of steam from the house, and we tasted some very fresh just made syrup while learning about the taps they use for the trees.

Afterward, Jack took a tremendous face plant directly into the deepest mud puddle in a ten mile radius and I thought we were going to have to call it a day, but in true toddler form he rallied, let Papa wash his hands off in a puddle and even took his first pony ride, which he loved. Levy got to pet Lady the bunny and Finn was satisfied with two very full pockets stuffed with special rocks he had collected. I even got to meet a few Mamatoga readers, which was really nice, and all in all it was quite a successful outing, even if I do have the wash the muddy carseat cover...