Springtime on Witte Farm

After all of the excitement of the Children's Museum at Saratoga gala on Saturday night (we had the highest attendance yet!) it was nice to relax on my father's farm on Sunday with the kids. All of the spring farm babies are being born, and we got to feed new baby lambs and Levy went on a wild goose (egg) chase and triumphantly came up with two goose eggs along with three chicken eggs, she was thrilled. It was all I could do to keep her from smuggling a baby lamb home in our car along with the eggs. The highlight of the day was when we got a chance to meet the newest horse, a two day old colt who was just the sweetest thing ever. My father's mare Dottie had her baby at 2:08 on Saturday morning and it was all long legs and soft little horsey nose. It spent half the time nuzzling up to it's mommy and nursing and the other half kicking it's skinny legs up and hopping around the stall playfully.

There wasn't very much snow on the ground at the farm so it almost felt like it might be close to spring soon. As we left to go back home we got stopped by the geese crossing guards who were splashing about in mud puddles. We can't wait to get back there soon to see how all of the babies have grown...

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