Summer Camp Spotlight: Camp Boyhaven

indexToday's camp spotlight is on Camp Boyhaven, a 320-acre home of Cub Scouting where camp staff, unit leaders, and Scouts work together to learn the best that Scouting can offer. Camp Boyhaven provides summer programs that give its campers an opportunity to learn new skills, make new friends, and foster memories that will last a lifetime. The camp is located on Boyhaven Road in Middle Grove, just west of Rock City Falls, north of Route 29, just about seven miles west of Saratoga Springs. 1075643_688860871130505_173130128_n 65029_678226728860586_1721621339_n1040823_678226858860573_653032458_oCamp Boyhaven offers three different types of summer camp sessions: Resident Camp, QUEST Day Camp, and Family Camp.

Resident Camp is the ultimate summer camp experience for any Cub Scout, but especially Webelos Scouts. Those who attend the resident camp programs will enjoy a three- or four-day experience – depending on the session – that includes everything the Scouting experience is about. They will engage in opportunities to learn citizenship, boost their physical fitness, enjoy hearty meals, and laugh a lot! Their high-energy staff makes the experience one that will never be forgotten. By the time Sunday comes around, Scouts are having so much fun that many have expressed that they don’t want to go home.

QUEST Day Camp is the perfect summer camp experience for those Scouts who are looking for all the benefits of attending scout camp without staying overnight. Because campers attend camp for the day only (i.e. 8am to approx. 4pm), parents and leaders are not required. They do offer an incentive for any parent or leader that wishes to volunteer as a Den Leader for a session, which is always a nice opportunity for parents that want to stay involved with the camp experience. NEW FOR 2014: Camp Boyhaven is offering an exclusive STEM camp called STEM QUEST, which will be a QUEST Day Camp experience designed completely around STEM.

For more information on Resident Camp or QUEST Day Camp opportunities, please see the attached link:

Family Camp is organized and operated by a volunteer staff during a single weekend in June. Campers who attend Boyhaven’s Family Camp experience will enjoy a family friendly summer camp session with nearly all of the same activities that are available during the main Resident and QUEST camp programs. That fundamental difference between Boyhaven Resident and QUEST camps versus Boyhaven Family Camp is the staffing throughout all program and non-program areas and you must provide your own tents and sleeping gear. For more information on Family Camp, please see the attached link:

944265_684254228257836_729315270_n 1052270_678231595526766_223529294_o 1048375_678227225527203_1904459501_o 1001677_684250634924862_774364229_n 480431_678231362193456_574372210_n 1025489_678227402193852_2074114345_oThanks so much to Camp Boyhaven for being part of the Mamatoga Camp Guide, for more from the guide, click right here.