Top Toddler Toys for Guaranteed FUN!

Here are my top picks for toddler products, you are sure to love these hot new items for your little one! 2848_box1. Cardboard Box

Have you heard of these yet? Chances are if you've gotten an Amazon shipment in the past few hours (I mean, who hasn't?) you have a box lying around, lucky you! Take whatever toy came in that box, toss it aside, and let your child go to town on this box. Rocket ship, television, boat, box, whatever. They'll love it.

1.jpg28aef799-95b5-4140-8210-cd9327917748Large2. Milk Carton

This is like a spinoff on the cardboard box but is WAY more portable. Going on a car trip? Bring along a milk carton! Toss a handful of rocks in there and I guarantee it'll buy you at least ten to fifteen minutes of quiet time.

leather-purse-brown[1]3. Your Purse

This item comes in SO many cool styles, and is usually the most fun for kids if it has some money (paper bills and coins not included), some lipstick or gloss to smear and especially a cellphone that can be cracked. Add in some mints or Tums that you don't want them to eat for an extra play challenge to keep them (and you) on your toes. The deluxe version of The Purse includes a set of car keys with an alarm they can set off unexpectedly.

larger-american-general-mills-cheerios-cereal-510g-box-6683-p4. Box of Cereal

This one has to be full to be fun. Simply buy a box of cereal, open it, leave it on the counter close enough to the edge for your child to reach and let the fun begin! They earn bonus points in this game if they manage to stomp on most of it before you get a chance to clean it. Buy the organic cereal for a healthier play experience, just in case they actually eat any of it.


5. Your Toilet

The best part about this toy is that we all (should) have one in our houses already! Options for fun include closing the lid over and over again, putting things into the toilet that don't belong there, flushing the toilet as many times as humanly possible, putting arms/hands/head inside the toilet, it's really endless entertainment for your toddler! Get the bonus fun pack of toilet paper and let the games REALLY begin! Your toddler will love the classic "Unroll the Entire Roll in Thirty Five Seconds" game, it's a guaranteed winner!

national-spaghetti-day6. Dinner

The beauty of this toy is that it doesn't matter what you serve, your child can make a game of it. Spaghetti goes on the head, carrots go on the floor, bread gets wedged into the high chair, they can get creative! Don't worry if you think you're serving a dish they will actually EAT, with this game they will decide that old favorite is now totally repulsive and will make quick work of smushing it between their palms. Family dogs even get in on this action with the old "Feed the Pets" round!

child 8_toddlerbed7. Toddler Beds

You might have heard of these before as a good way to transition your toddler out of their crib, but in fact these are the BEST toddler gymnasiums! Kids will get a workout, especially right around bedtime, bouncing and jumping and running, you won't believe how much energy they will get once they lay eyes on this toddler bed! The one catch is that while the toddler bed gymnasium will tire you out, it's likely to have the opposite effect on your toddler, so, just a heads up on that.

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