best kept {drugstore} beauty secret

beautyI'm not a huge makeup person, usually my routine takes under two minutes and I heavily rely on tried and true products that I don't have to think twice about. The one product I am always being asked about is the blush I use, and I have to admit it is the BEST one out there and the price can't be beat. I used to use Nars blush almost exclusively, but decided to switch when they used too much shimmer in it (and the $30 price tag was a bit steep, especially when it would get cracked) and I have been devoted to this color ever since. It works on so many different skin tones because you can use a little or a lot of each different color, it's super easy to use, and looks good year round over a little tan or on some pale winter cheeks. The hardest part can be finding it sometimes, but I usually find it at the drugstore or even the grocery store, and at under 6 bucks it is a major steal. What about you, do you have any drugstore products that you are devoted to? I swear I will stockpile this blush if they ever discontinue it. Share your fave drugstore finds in the comments section! xoxo