{Mamatoga Review} Adventure Trek: Quest of the Guardians at Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Water Park

6flags2Last week we were lucky enough to be invited as guests at the unveiling of the brand new journey at the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Water Park, a new interactive gaming experience called Adventure Trek: Quest of the Guardians. Taking place inside the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge, Adventure Trek covers three floors of the hotel, and kids (adults too!) are armed with magical wands that connect with the special gaming consoles which are dotted along the corridors and in designated rooms that you have to search out in order to complete your mission.

6flags36flags4The game features three compelling virtual adventures with custom-designed content and themes reflecting real-world family attractions at the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge and Theme Park, as well as significant historical sites in the Adirondack/Lake George regions. Virtual adventure guides take guests on adventures that allow them to explore a fantastic realm where imagination and history come alive. Guests assume roles as helpful heroes, who are needed to learn strategies, follow clues, solve puzzles, and overcome obstacles to save the day. Kids set out on thrilling adventures and captivating missions to save the Six Flags Great Escape Resort from the evil humdrums and sludge monster threatening to drive away the fun.  Every child becomes a hero in this all-encompassing resort experience.

You start out by registering your wand with your name and info, which will then save all of your gaming experience for each visit, and you head over to one of the main kiosks to choose which adventure you want to try that time (the wands were Finn's favorite part). One of the fun parts is that everyone in the family can choose a different adventure and still play together at the same time, which is what we did. You then set out in search of collecting the items you need to complete the tasks by following clues, and everything is interactive. You point your wand at the gems on the wall and they light up and tell you if you are successful in finding what you're looking for, the wand opens up the treasure chests, starts the games going on the screens, and much more. The kids absolutely loved the interactivity of the wands, running up to every single one they could find and seeing if it was a match for their particular adventure. Levy loved that "you got to go on missions to stop the Humdrums, and that you can throw boomerangs to get them off of the roller coaster" and collecting the different "gems" that you found ensconced on the walls.

6flags16flags6 6flags5This is also what is appealing about the game, that it keeps kids moving and on their feet rather than sitting in one spot, and you can play it any time during your stay at the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge. We played for a while, took a break to eat, and the kids wanted to get right back into it. They were running up and down the stairs in between floors searching for the items to complete their adventures and got just as much exercise as they did at the water park. They loved the idea that the fun was literally right outside our door in the Lodge, and they could pick up a few points or clues even while just walking down to breakfast. It really upped the fun quotient you usually get staying there by making even the hotel experience something fun that they wanted to take part in. To be honest, it also served as an easy way to smooth the transition from the amusement park or the indoor water park back to the hotel, because just walking through the hallways was a game now.

Of course, the fact that the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge is so close but far enough (and filled with enough to do) that it makes it feel like a real vacation day is ideal for us (plus theme park and water park tickets are included with all suites for June, July & August when booked before July 6th, click here for more info). Especially with little kids, spending a ton of time in the car really eats into the time you get to relax, and an overnight stay is sometimes just enough of a break. You can get up first thing when the park opens, get over there before the crowds (and just walk from the hotel), then unwind at the indoor water park after those little feet get too tired. The whole place caters to families, and between Adventure Trek, Six Flags Great Escape and the indoor water park inside the lodge we had three extremely tired out and happy kids at the end of the day. We can't wait to go back and try out the other adventures that are part of Adventure Trek and complete all of the missions, for more information click right here.


Disclaimer: *I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*