Top Ten Summer {Pinterest} Style Activities for Kids

summerpinSummer vacation is here (despite this rain today), and that means hours upon hours of time to run around, get dirty, catch bugs, be barefoot in the grass, and generally just hang out. This can also mean the dreaded boredom might strike, but have no fear! Here is a little sampling of some of the fun (and EASY) activities you can find on Pinterest to keep kids of all ages occupied and entertained. I love the idea of unplugging for the summer, putting down the phone and iPad, turning off the TV and the video games and taking a break from technology. Get creative, have some downtime, read, make some old school summer crafts, and try out some of these really cute and fun activities.

Pictured above is one of the best printables I found for the summer on Pinterest from Thirty Handmade Days. It's an easy to make punch card using the idea that for every activity your child does (which can be discussed and decided as a family), they get a punch.  When they punch all the dots, they get a reward. (You could also do it so that he or she will earn a prize when a category is punched). You don’t have to use a hole punch either, you could just use a pen and have your kids mark off each thing as they do it OR you could even go one step further and laminate the “punch card” and use a dry erase marker instead so it can be used over and over again. She has two versions, one with categories already filled in and one that has those spaces blank so you can make up your own categories and even change them up week to week depending on what you have going on that week.

summerstuff1Two words for you: Homemade Gak {Lil Luna}

Hot outside? How about some ice painting to go with those ice pops? {C.R.A.F.T.}

This is one of my favorites, a summer book wagon. Perfect to keep kids reading over the summer! Have them bring it to the sprinkler park or a playdate too! {inner child fun}

summerstuff2Cut up those pool noodles and make this awesome marble water slide, or these super cute boats toddlers will love {mama.papa.bubba. and frogs, snails and puppy dog tails}

Skip the food coloring and sugary syrups and make these awesome fresh fruit "sno cones" {epicurious} (here are even more delicious Pinterest summer recipes)

summerstuff3These crepe paper jellyfish are just too pretty for words, pair this craft with a book about ocean creatures before going to the beach to get kids engaged... {carolyns homework}

A nice downtime activity, Lego matchbox beds for those minifigs that are all over your house {kids activities blog}

Bubbles never get old for little kids, especially ones that bounce {play at home mom}

Ice boats! Add a little color and have a little ice boat regatta! {learning 4 kids}