my weekend in photos

What a gorgeous weekend it was, absolutely perfect weather. We went strawberry picking for the first time with the kids and it was such a fun experience. Hand Melon Farm had a ton of strawberries, and we took our time finding just the right ones. It's such an easy process, you just get a few baskets from the stand, wander around the rows of strawberries and poke through the leaves to find the red, juicy ones. The strawberries were so ripe a faint scent of them permeated the still air, and we went early enough that it wasn't too hot so we could really take our time. It's prime picking season now so if you want to pick your own you'd better get out there before they are all gone, click here for a local pick your own guide, and Hand Melon Farm will be open for pick your own strawberries through July 4th weekend. Afterward we drove up to Lake George for a chance to sit on the beach and relax, with a stop on the way home for an early dinner at Sushi Yoshi in Lake George, did you know kids eat free at the hibachi tables there on Sunday? It's perfect! Jack was absolutely mesmerized by the show our hibachi chef put on, but we waited till we got home for our dessert: strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream and our freshly picked berries. xoxo