Mamatoga Loves: Saratoga Baby Bumps

10348283_596734890425877_362842301919437681_nA couple weeks ago the whole family arrived at Baby Bumps in Saratoga Springs to try out their elective 3D/4D ultrasound, and it was such a comfortable experience right from the start. First, their ultrasound room makes you feel like you're at a luxe spa with the lights dimmed, soft music playing, some gorgeous draped fabrics and a sweet little crystal chandelier hanging. Couches are on one side of the room to accommodate family members, and they also have some kids books on hand to distract the little ones. The ultrasound is displayed on a big screen TV right in front of you so everyone gets a great view. Baby-Bumps-room-view-1I went in pretty much expecting something similar to a regular ultrasound, only with a little more detail, but what we saw was a LOT more detail, and it was actually pretty breathtaking. We got to see the baby's little face, and to see what she actually looks like, and co-owner Vanessa took her time to get the best views possible. The kids were so excited to "see" the baby, and they loved trying to figure out who she looked like or what we should name her based on seeing her face and her features. I have to admit, even though I had seen tons of photos of 3D ultrasounds before, I was completely taken aback at how detailed the ultrasound really was and how much we could see what she looked like.

It's so satisfying to see the looks on peoples faces of pure joy and amazement when they see their baby for the first time in 3-D and see how they are going to look, watch their movements and actions in the womb. It really is just amazing to watch and it never ever gets old! I feel so fortunate to be able to experience these moments with our clients. I feel so very lucky to have chosen such a wonderful career! I can honestly say that I love what I do. -Vanessa

The staff at Baby Bumps consists of ONLY registered sonographers with multiple years of experience, and Vanessa explained everything and talked us through the entire thing. I was around 7 months when we went, and had already had a bunch of ultrasounds at the doctor's office to make sure everything was going smoothly with the pregnancy. The Baby Bumps ultrasound was a great addition to those ultrasounds (rather than a replacement for any of them), and it was nice to be able to take a little more time with it as well.

I really found the experience to be so overwhelmingly positive. Being pregnant with my fourth, this hasn't been the easiest pregnancy I've had so far. At 7 months I felt like the pregnancy had been going on for so long but I still had so far to go, and seeing her little face was exactly the boost I needed. We got a bunch of great photos, and took turns looking them all over and watching the DVDs for what seemed like hours. Seeing our favorite photo of her on the fridge every day has helped me get through these hot, muggy summer days (and I think has actually helped with our as yet fruitless search for a baby name, hopefully).

As I said, co-owner Vanessa was just so super nice, and did such a great job, even with my whole brood there (Jack knocked over the diffuser and she was completely unfazed). Having the whole experience together as a family helped get all of us even more excited for her arrival, even Finn, who was initially not super enthused about the baby not being another brother. I highly recommend Baby Bumps, they are so super professional and it was such a pleasant experience that has really helped me get through this home stretch of pregnancy.

For more information on their packages and when to book an appointment, click here. I'm telling you, even if you go in with high expectations, if your experience is anything like ours they will be totally exceeded. Many thanks to Baby Bumps and to Vanessa for making it such a great experience for our family. xoxo