my (opening) weekend in photos...

indexOpening Day of the Saratoga Race Course kicks off a VERY busy time in our house, mainly because my job as a social reporter clicks into high gear and we have multiple events every week. It works out pretty well actually, as most of the events are at night and I can have dinner with the family, put the kids to bed, throw a dress on and rush off to cover the event. Opening Day usually turns out to be a family affair though, and Sean and I tag team the day with me attending the annual Whitney Luncheon at the track while he takes the kids around to see the horses, then I meet up with them and we walk around and say hi to friends, get cotton candy, make a few bets and then hit the pool at McGregor. We always try to snap a photo of all of us, and above is a little sampling of our family photos at the track, from left to right: pregnant with Jack, not pregnant, pregnant with #4 (five weeks left, COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS). The Whitney Luncheon is always such a treat to be able to attend, and Marylou is the most elegant and gracious host. Each year the little sign displayed on the table means another exciting summer in our city and also reminds me how much tradition and history we have here, and I absolutely love that.

The rest of our weekend was pretty low key, we pulled the tipi outside and spent our night (until bedtime at least, that tipi is NOT bug proof) outside roasting marshmallows, looking up at the clouds, catching the teeny tiniest frogs I have ever seen, and pretty much just sitting around, relaxing, because this week is going to be a packed one again. I'll be one of the "Finest Fillies" at the 3rd Annual Saratoga's Finest Fillies event to help raise money for Jake's Help From Heaven this Thursday, and YOU can place a bet on me to win! Just $10 will get you a bet on me, and all proceeds will go to this incredible local organization that assists individuals and families within 100 miles of Saratoga Springs with medical travel and treatment, items of medical necessity or medical convenience and adaptive equipment.

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