Top Preggo Picks from Healthy Living Market & Cafe

Healthy Living Market is like a Shangri-La for pregnant and new moms, and if you look around you'll find stuff all over the store perfect for those nine months (and beyond). From nursing tea to the wellness department goodies, their homemade pot pies (OMG) to everything in their bakery section, they have what you need to make your pregnancy healthy and comfortable (and delicious). hlmpreggos1Sometimes food isn't always your friend during the first trimester (even though you really REALLY want to be friends). I have found that sipping on something ginger can help tame the OMG I'M GOING TO PUKE feeling that can wash over you in waves in places like the preschool drop off line and the shower (always in the shower for me, why??). These all natural ginger drinks are full of good stuff so you can feel good about drinking them, plus they're a little gentler on the old taste buds than some of the more potent ginger chews. hlmpreggos2

hlmpreggos4hlmpreggos5Yay! Food is back! The best thing about HLM is that you can trust what you're buying, even if it's "junk" food. You know that it has all natural ingredients in it and you don't have to worry about any scary additives. Their prepared section is second to none, and usually my biggest problem is choosing which chips and dip I want to eat in the car on the way take home (okay it's always the cilantro hummus but I try to branch out).

hlmpreggos8When you're in that home stretch and feeling kind of, ahem, of the best things to do is indulge yourself in some great products like creamy body butters and body oils, things that make you feel good (and can help with any of that tight, itchy skin feeling too). HLM has a wide selection of products to choose from, like this shea butter (shea butter is know to help prevent and minimize stretch marks) from Alaffia, a company with the mission to advance gender equality and alleviate poverty through the fair trade of handcrafted shea butter.

hlmpreggosBreastfeeding, not always easy for everyone, am I right? There are products out there to help, and I did find that the More Milk Plus supplement from Motherlove helped me when I was struggling. HLM also carries nursing tea, which has a double whammy of helping deliver some milk stimulating herbs and also hydrating you, which is super important when you're nursing.

hlmpreggos6YAY WINE! xoxo

To find out more about Healthy Living Market and Cafe visit their site here, and check out their Best All Month deals here (they are so good). They also have a great Learning Center with classes for preschoolers on up to families and adults, click here to learn more.