in my {baby} bag

babybagA new addition to the family means that your bag gets hijacked by baby stuff. I gave up a long time ago on the traditional "diaper bag", mainly because I could never find one I actually liked, style wise, and instead just find a bag big enough to accommodate all the baby stuff while also being able to stash in a few items for me as well. Right now I am loving my Cinco Powell monogrammed tote, it's roomy enough for everything but polished enough that I don't have to sacrifice any style for functionality. Inside you'll find: ⋅ Target diapers (the best) ⋅ some choo choos to distract my toddler if need be ⋅ sweet little baby shoesthe cutest fall & winter diaper cover evera little lip stain that can double as a bit of a cheek stain in case I leave the house without putting any makeup on (happens often) ⋅ my favorite scent in a portable rollerball, not too overpowering for the little one in the front carrier but just enough scent for me ⋅ the BEST pick me up drink EVER {Tumeric Elixir of Life Vanilla Bean} find it here locallya Wubbanub, always ⋅ front carrier, so I can nurse her on the go, wherever we go ⋅ the softest bamboo swaddle from Aden & Anais, in the sweetest color, picked this one up here locallymonogrammed sunglasses, because they hide the lack of sleep under eye circles ⋅ Desitin, a workhorse product that always gets the job done ⋅ dum dums, because sometimes a little bit of sweet can go a long way for a two year old ⋅ an extra outfit for the baby {love the classic stripes of this one} ⋅ Tory Burch tortoiseshell iPhone cover, because who cares if there are more toddler alphabet apps on my phone than I'd like to admit, at least it looks pretty chic from the outside ⋅