Mamatoga Switch Witch Giveaway! ***GIVEAWAY CLOSED***

switchOctober is just a couple days away and that means kids will soon be getting Halloween fever (if they don't have it already)! Last year was the first year that we tried doing the "Switch Witch", where the kids trade a portion of their candy haul for a small gift or a small prize. It doesn't have to be a toy, it can be a special activity they have been wanting to do, and it takes the aggravation out of the whole candy aspect of Halloween. Either you can keep some and dole it out as you see fit or you can find another place to bring it/donate it to. The Switch Witch is especially great for kids who have allergies and can't have the traditional Halloween candy handed out in the neighborhood (click here for some ideas about allergy safe Halloween), or for little kids on their first Halloween outings who might be at risk for choking hazards from small candy or lollipops. Overall, the Switch Witch is great for keeping the sugar in moderation and making healthy choices. And this year, the Switch Witch is actually HERE to help! The Switch Witch story is a great children's book that comes packaged with the most adorable little stuffed witch in her very own cauldron, perfect for either a boy or a girl. I chatted with Lara, the author of the book about how the Switch Witch came to be, and at the end of the post make sure to enter the giveaway to win a signed copy of the Switch Witch complete with the Switch Witch herself & cute little cauldron!

What gave you the idea to create the Switch Witch story?

Lara: Rob, founder of The Switch Witch LLC, was frustrated last Halloween when his two sons came home with enormous heaps of trick-or-treating sweets.  His kids and wife told him about the idea of a Switch Witch: a friendly Halloween witch who switches kids' candy into gifts!  Rob was so intrigued by this amazing idea that by the next morning he had set his mind to bringing the tradition and magic of Switch Witches to families everywhere with a children's book and doll.  He called Lara, to write the book and be his business partner - and the rest is history!

How did you come up with the design for the doll? It is so cute!

L: Our primary goal for the doll was that it would be soft, cuddly, and friendly - an irresistible, sweet pal that kids would want to play with and even bring to bed with them.  Nashbox, our fabulous art design team, brought to life these ideas for the Switch Witch doll (and illustrations) is such a magical, perfect way.  We love the way they turned out.

What do you hope your Switch Witch doll & book does for families?

We hope that Switch Witch gives families a new Halloween tradition to enjoy together, while also helping them celebrate this holiday in a healthier way.  Switch Witch is perfect for parents who are concerned about dental health and teaching their children about moderation and healthy habits.  It's also great for kids with food allergies. Also, Switch Witch is just plain ol' FUN!  We hope Switch Witches bring more magic, playfulness, and memories to kids and parents every Halloween.

switchwitchThe Switch Witch folks were kind enough to send our family a copy to check out for ourselves and the kids absolutely loved it. The story is fun and playful and my 7 year old, 6 year old AND 2 year old loved it. I especially liked the "Switch Log" at the end of the book where the kids can record what costume they wore that year for Halloween and what they got from the Switch Witch, it's like an extra keepsake for the parents.

We are certainly going to make this little cutie a part of our Halloween tradition, find out more about the Switch Witch here, and to enter to win your signed copy of the Switch Witch simply go like them on facebook here and then comment below! ONE winner will be chosen at random on Friday, October 3rd at 5pm and will be notified via email. Thanks so much to Lara and Rob for the giveaway, we can't wait for Halloween! xoxo

***GIVEAWAY CLOSED*** Thanks to everyone who entered!