Do You Have a Parenting "Style"?

styleDuring a recent Bravo binge watching session I happened upon a new reality show on their roster which is all about parents and their parenting "styles" called "Extreme Guide to Parenting". Each episode features a family with a "unique" parenting style, like the "Everything on Demand Baby" (more or less the classic attachment parenting), "Body Positive" Parenting (I'll just let you guys see that one for yourselves), and other families like the ones that live out of their car and travel the world, the mom who uses hypnosis on her kids, and more. I have to admit, the show is pretty entertaining, but of course I take it with a grain of salt as it is a reality show and we all know reality shows often have very little to do with actual "reality". Nevertheless, it got me thinking about all these different parenting styles, and the people who gear their parenting along the parameters of said style, and started me wondering if I had a parenting style and didn't even realize it? If not, would adopting a style make things easier in some ways or would it be restrictive? And what if you and your significant other disagreed about which style was best?

I decided that my parenting style is really a mix of all of them, and also varies with each child and each child's personality. Of course there is a common undercurrent with all of the parenting in our house, but right now I'm more or less an attachment parent with the baby, a permissive parent with the toddler, a somewhat strict parent for the older two, and a positive parent for all of them. I've also changed the way I parent as I've gotten older. Between when my first child was a baby and now with my fourth, things have come a long way. And of course, parenting changes as kids get older. As much as I'd love to be an attachment parent of my two year old right now, I'm lucky if he sits still long enough to let me give him a quick kiss. And my 6 and 7 year olds need a little bit more structure while also giving them more responsibility and freedom.

So what is your style? Do you adhere to one type of parenting or is yours a hodge podge mix like mine is?