Mamatoga Loves: The Beaufort Bonnet Company

bbcMy addiction started out light, with just a paci clip. I picked out a sweet little rosebud print, and then added a nice green monogram to it, why not? It arrived at my doorstep, and I fell in love, and that is where the addiction went even deeper. Now I had to have a bonnet. A bonnet, you ask? Yes, a BONNET. But not just a bonnet, a Beaufort Bonnet Company bonnet. Up here in the north we aren't really bonnet people, but once I laid eyes on these absolutely adorable (and monogrammable) bonnets I could not resist and I jumped in head first.

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 8.58.22 AMFounded in 2009, Beaufort Bonnet Company's hallmark bonnets are based on a generations-old heirloom pattern from the coastal town of Beaufort, South Carolina. These polished, vintage style accessories are everything I love about little children's clothing, and they were a huge hit, spawning mentions in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, InStyle, OK Magazine and People, where it was featured as a Mini Must Have.

They have baby clothing and accessories as well as boys and girls stuff, and it all has that perfectly preppy vibe mixed with the right amount of sweetness. You guys know I love classic looks for kids, there are certain things that will never go out of style, and the traditional also has a timeless appeal.

The bonnets are just the cutest, put one on your daughter at the beach, for her birthday, Easter Sunday, at the track (SO cute to wear to the track, OMG) or for that special family photo. They have summer designs in sweet seersucker and pretty pinks and classic holiday designs in traditional plaids. Boys aren't left out either, their jon jons and shortalls, bucket hats and bow ties are to die for.


Once you get a little deeper into your own Beaufort addiction, let me introduce you to the diaper covers. THE DIAPER COVERS! I ordered one for Tallis with the teensy pink bows on the sides and her monogram in the most gorgeous light blue. This is clothing that doubles as a keepsake, it's wearable but also photo prop worthy. I love it.

One of my absolute favorite items they have are the monogrammed bow swaddles, not your average swaddle blanket, these come with a gorgeous pink or blue bow that you can tie up on your new little bundle, again perfect for a photo and as a special keepsake once they get older. They are the absolute sweetest thing, hands down. Another unique item of theirs is the maternity sash, which I wish I had known about when I was pregnant. Use it for your bump photos or get it for a close friend as a baby shower gift, then when her baby arrives she can use it as a photo prop for newborn shots or as her own bow for swaddling.

bbc4It's rare when I find a brand like this that I feel never hits a wrong note. Their cuts, colors, designs and styles all fit in perfectly with their sweet and proper southern style, and I am 100% on board with bringing that style up here to the north, so when you see me and Talley out and about and she is wearing her Hamptons Hot Pink bonnet, now you'll know where I got it...xoxo