stuff I love {this week}

stuffilovethisweekname necklaces, I can't get enough, especially now with 4 names to put on there {dallas and carlos}

double sided pearls, my favorite classic look with a today twist {find them locally here}

no sleep? no problem, with becca shimmering skin perfecter at least you will appear well rested...

the booksellers at Northshire Saratoga are 3 for 3 with their book recommendations so far, loving The Cuckoo's Calling...

Pumpkin Beer + Ginger Apple Pie Sugar Brew Salt? Amazing.

When will IKEA move closer?! In love with my new high chair (less than $20, seriously) and this classic train set has saved my sanity by keeping my two year old entertained for hours

Tiny duck boots for the toddler? The cutest.

This Burberry poncho is everything, especially since you can get it monogrammed.'s a tad out of my price range. On the hunt for the perfect poncho/blanket scarf that will keep me and the babe cozy and that I can also use as a nursing shawl. This one might fit the bill...

and finally, the funniest toddler t-shirt ever made, ours just arrived in the mail today {its so super soft too}