Mamatoga Gift Guides: Big Kid Edition {girl}


1. Everyone loves a nameplate necklace, and this one by Moon and Lola is so playful and cute it is totally age appropriate for the younger set. Find Moon and Lola locally at Silverwood Home and Gallery.

2. This vintage inspired tee is the sweetest with muted purples and pinks, love it.

3. This crystal and bead friendship bracelet takes it up a notch, buy two, one for your girl and one she can give to her BFF.

4. Fashion Plates! Oh man I loved these when I was younger. Prepare for some mom & daughter bonding with these.

5. Rubber Ducks snow jogger boots, cute and functional in a boot that I wish I had when I was in third grade.

6. OMG Shrinky Dinks! Kids can shrink these into pocket-sized charms that can be used for jewelry, key chains and more, I love it!

7. It might be time for a diary, or just something to start recording little doodles or memories. This notebook from Rifle Paper Company is so sweet, and small enough to slip under a mattress to keep it top secret.

8. This lamp is so gorgeous you might just reconsider and gift it to yourself.

9. This Pop Bottle Science Kit lets kids make a volcano, quick-sand, barometer, thermometer, trombone, compass, walkie-talkie, lava lamp! Okay, I want one now too. Find it locally at Northshire Bookstore in Saratoga Springs.

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